A Valentine’s Day Gift

Buying a Valentine’s gift is an annual tradition for me. Unfortunately (or fortunately,) the gift is almost always for myself! One year it was a guitar, another year it was golf clubs…. This year, it’s a suitcase.

This is the Tumi T-Tech. I was set on purchasing the Tumi Vapor, which is the absolute coolest and sexiest luggage ever made. However, logic and common sense prevailed. The T-Tech is expandable and has external pockets. It is definitely more functional. Also, the Tumi store at the Waikele Premium Outlets had a big sale. I got this bag at half the price of a Vapor.

But really, this gift to myself is the gift of travel. I’ll be going to Australia this summer, and hopefully to Europe next Spring. My dream is to visit cool and interesting places, and this “gift” is the first step.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all! Cheers….

5 thoughts on “A Valentine’s Day Gift

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