Cool New Find….

….in my neighborhood! I found this place by accident. I was filling gas at the Shell on Ward Ave. one afternoon. While pulling out, there was too much traffic on Queen to turn left, so I took a right. A few blocks down, I came across this cafe on the left side.

It’s called Fresh Cafe. I went home and Googled it. Their website is They have the coolest concept….

“Founded in July of 2009, Fresh Cafe was born into the hip and up and coming industrial district of Kaka’ako. Fresh serves 100% Kona coffee, homemade cookies, bagel sandwiches, soups, salads, breakfast foods, deserts, and locally made product (also available for catering events). Fresh Cafe is a hidden oasis with an eclectic mix of artists, students, musicians, and entrepreneurs who need to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Open early mornings and late nights Fresh Cafe has the latest cafe hours in town. Soon to come the in January of 2010 Fresh Cafe will bring to you Fresh To-go Market which will carry all locally made product and feature YumYum Shave Ice. Also in January of 2010 Fresh Cafe brings to you FRESH which is a large warehouse space in back where you will often find live music, art and poetry. FRESH is now booking for innovative promotions or public/private seminars.”

The drawback is the limited seating area (only seven chairs indoors.) There are four outdoor cafe tables. The parking lot is kinda funky too.

But the food is really fresh, and really good. I had the Turkey Pesto Melt on a toasted bagel and the Ginger Wasabi Chicken Salad. It was excellent, and the workers were pretty cool too. This is probably the farthest that I would walk to from my condo. It’s another one of the “good things” about living at 909….

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