My Australia….

Alan Tamayose

Had the absolute best time in Melbourne. Our hosts from Glendal Primary were amazing. It was a privilege to travel with the JEM Club from the Kamehameha Schools as a chaperone. We made so many incredible friends. Here are some of the highlights:

• getting to know our KS students. they were a blast.
• being with my amazing hosts, Deborah & Henry. enjoyable dinner conversations and cups of long black at the local cafés.
• hanging out with the Glendal staff. such wonderful hospitality.
• meeting up with the students & teachers from Buckingham Friends School. good people.
• seeing the penguins at Phillip Island with Chris. i didn’t expect to experience anything like that. (not much of an animal lover, unless it’s on my dinner plate….)
• the view from the Eureka Tower & the evening stroll along the Yarra River. Melbourne is a world-class city.
• the Footy game at the MCG with Henry. Go Magpies!
• my “mememto” from Sorrento. sorry, can’t explain. what happens in Sorrento stays in Sorrento….
• the walk along the creek with Deborah & her dogs. so relaxing & rejuvanating.
• dinner with Jackie & Roula at her uncle’s restaurant was terrific. friends for life.
• the dress-up birthday party for Nichola was a blast. got to hang out with awesome people.
• the breathtaking vistas along the coastline. so amazing….
• the food! meat pies, fish & chips, coffee & cakes, pizza restaurants, fine wines, Greek, Pakistani, Italian, etc., etc., etc….
• being interviewed on talk radio before millions of listeners. haha.
• as you can tell, pretty much everything. so blessed!

Please visit our school blog of the trip. G’day….

2 thoughts on “My Australia….

  1. Welcome home! Happy to hear that you had such a nice time in Australia. You’ll have to tell us all about it the next time we get together. :0)

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