My Australia….

Alan Tamayose

Had the absolute best time in Melbourne. Our hosts from Glendal Primary were amazing. It was a privilege to travel with the JEM Club from the Kamehameha Schools as a chaperone. We made so many incredible friends. Here are some of the highlights:

• getting to know our KS students. they were a blast.
• being with my amazing hosts, Deborah & Henry. enjoyable dinner conversations and cups of long black at the local cafés.
• hanging out with the Glendal staff. such wonderful hospitality.
• meeting up with the students & teachers from Buckingham Friends School. good people.
• seeing the penguins at Phillip Island with Chris. i didn’t expect to experience anything like that. (not much of an animal lover, unless it’s on my dinner plate….)
• the view from the Eureka Tower & the evening stroll along the Yarra River. Melbourne is a world-class city.
• the Footy game at the MCG with Henry. Go Magpies!
• my “mememto” from Sorrento. sorry, can’t explain. what happens in Sorrento stays in Sorrento….
• the walk along the creek with Deborah & her dogs. so relaxing & rejuvanating.
• dinner with Jackie & Roula at her uncle’s restaurant was terrific. friends for life.
• the dress-up birthday party for Nichola was a blast. got to hang out with awesome people.
• the breathtaking vistas along the coastline. so amazing….
• the food! meat pies, fish & chips, coffee & cakes, pizza restaurants, fine wines, Greek, Pakistani, Italian, etc., etc., etc….
• being interviewed on talk radio before millions of listeners. haha.
• as you can tell, pretty much everything. so blessed!

Please visit our school blog of the trip. G’day….

A Really G’day….


Kamehameha 6th graders are currently hosting exchange students from Australia. We took them on a tour of O’ahu. Here we are at Kualoa Beach, with Mokoli’i Island a.k.a “Chinaman’s Hat” in the distance. Everyone had a really good day….

Student Exchange


We took our visiting students from Buckingham Friends School in Pennsylvania to Kalama Beach on Tuesday. We spent the morning boogie boarding and surfing. We capped off the day with a tour of Makapu’u and lunch at Rainbow’s Drive-Inn.