Why I Blog.

I started blogging in January of 2008. I actually got into it during the time when Web 2.0 was exploding onto the scene. I wanted to keep up with new emerging technologies since it’s vital to my role as an education technology specialist. So I blogged, just to teach myself how to do it. Funny thing happened. I got hooked. Since then, I have learned that you are the #1 reader of your own blog (unless it goes viral.) So yes, I blog for myself. I keep a blog as a public, but personal diary of my life. I have a bunch, but my primary blog is “musings on living aloha….” (chronicling the life & times of a local boy growing up & growing old in downtown Honolulu.)

When blogging started to get popular, social networking took over. Still, there is a huge difference between the two. And that is why blogging will continue.

I blog to express myself. I blog to think. I blog to document the major events and defining moments in my life. And I kinda like doing it.

As life continues to move at a faster pace, I blog to pause.

Blogging can be artsy, deep, or even random. To each his own….

2 thoughts on “Why I Blog.

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