Around the Block….

I’ve been living here at 909 Kapiolani for nearly two years now. Still, I’m surprised by what I sometimes stumble upon in my own” backyard.” My building sits at the corner of a major intersection, Kapiolani Boulevard and Ward Avenue. I’m more familiar with those two thoroughfares than the surrounding back alleys. This morning, I walked down my back street to Harry’s Cafe for the 99¢ breakfast. To avoid the construction site of the Pacifica (formerly known as the Moana Vista,) I took a shortcut through a parking lot to get to the next street. There I saw a preschool underneath the parking structure of another condo building, lined by auto repair shops. And this….

I discovered a lunch wagon (food truck) that featured smoked, barbecue ribs. It was tucked alongside a self-storage facility.

I later returned home to a coffee truck that’s parked downstairs behind my building. They cater to the constructions workers down the block.

Needless to say, they are doing great business….

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