6 Years at 909


It’s been six years at 909 Kapiolani. Time flies!

I really enjoy condo living. Guess I am a “townie” at heart. My place is small, but it’s easy to clean. I’ve also become a minimalist. There is no choice.

What I love best is the location. I can walk to the beach, Ala Moana Shopping Center, the Ward Entertainment Complex, and Chinatown. There are farmers’ markets, cafés, pubs, and museums here in Kaka’ako. There are also cool events like Night Market, Art + Flea, and Eat the Street.

My commute to work, church, and the airport is short. I can stay off the freeway and avoid all the traffic.

“Live|Work|Play.” Cheers to six years, and hoping for many, many more….

Too Cool….

Two cool new places recently opened nearby. Lucy’s Lab is one block down from 909 on Kamake’e Street.

This shop has really cool flavors! I’ve tried the Sea Salt Caramel one. So ono! This is the Bacon & Whiskey flavor that I had at tonight’s grand opening. It was amazing as well. Only problem is  that it’s a little too convenient for me. Hehe.

Here’s part of the line that went outside the door at tonight’s grand opening. Mean….

The other new place is Mr. Tea Café. Talk about convenient, this café is in my building! Extremely happy! It’s also one of the better bubble tea shops around. I really like the milk teas here. The owner painstakingly prepares the boba in small batches, so it’s always fresh.

They have macarons! They get them from La Tour Café.

Very happy and content. Two cool places. Too cool….

5 Years at 909!

Celebrating my 5th year at 909 Kapiolani! I just love living here. I love the location. I’m near the beach, Ala Moana Center, the Blaisdell, and Chinatown. Kaka’ako hosts cool events like Night Market and Eat the Street.  There are neighborhood cafés, pubs, museums, theaters, and a Whole Foods on the way. It’s just a great place to be.


Unfortunately, a lot of people think so. In fact, there are 23 high-rise condos being developed. That’s crazy. With no upgrade to the existing infrastructure, we’ll all be in gridlock.

“They paved paradise,
And put up a parking lot.”

On a lighter note, here’s a reprise of my 909 YouTube video.

Happy Anniversary 909! Here’s to five more, and much, much more….

New Addiction….

….new hobby. Yes, I’m really enjoying longboarding. Haven’t skated since I was a little kid on my Checkers & Pogo skateboard. Picked up my longboard on Valentine’s Day. A lotta fun….

Been practicing out of view in this parking lot across the street. (That’s my building behind my shoulder.) I always pray for safety & grace as I’m coming down the elevator. I should be OK as long as I act my age and not my shoe size.

Was able to make it to “Point Panics” at the Kaka’ako Waterfront Park on my 4th session. My goal is just to go cruising. I feel that if you live in Hawai’i, you should have a skateboard. It’s fun, healthy, and “green.”

Having a blast. Hope to make a GoPro video later this summer. ‘Til then, happy trails….

Neighborhood Café

I’m fortunate to have an awesome café in my neighborhood. Fresh Café in Kaka’ako is one of my very favorite places.

First off, the food is amazing! Here’s a breakfast sand on an Everything Bagel with a cup of 100% Kona Coffee. Had this while coworking. I built my social media course website from this place. My fave lunch is the Turkey Pesto Melt & a side Ginger Wasabi Chicken Salad with Pikake Ice Tea.

But I truly appreciate the events here. There are concerts, poetry slams, TEDx events, the Pow Wow street art event, and the Art & Flea market. Got that creative vibe happening here.

Scored a real puka shell necklace at their weekend garage sale for $2. Crazy.

Even got to see David Choi in concert at the adjoining Loft in Space.

Fresh Café is an important player in the revitalization of Kakaka’ako. Come and be inspired….