EdTech Retreat Waikiki 2012

What a treat! Had another great experience with the KS EdTech Team at our annual retreat. It was all about team bonding and team building.

I decided to walk on over to the Hyatt Place Hotel in Waikiki. Not a bad view for a morning commute (click on the pic for full size.) Met a coworker for breakfast at Eggs ‘n Things Express.

We were given these cool new team shirts at the hotel and walked on over to the Honolulu Zoo for our community service project. (No, we did not have to clean the animal cages.) One group pulled weeds, one painted, and my group made paper mache balloons to “enrich the animals’ experiences.” My specific job was to tear up newspaper into strips. Yes, we were strippers….

We had free time in the afternoon and went to the International Marketplace. These goofballs decided to buy matching $3 t-shirts to impress the ladies at dinner. Aren’t we cool? (OK, we do look like Power Rangers.) But in fact, people were so impressed that about a dozen went back to buy these t-shirts.

We capped off the evening at Tiki’s down the street.

Our 2nd day consisted of a session with Ka’ala Souza on team excellence and customer service. It was outstanding. His message on empathy is especially relevant in this day and age.

Had a nice walk home. This is Waikiki’s world-class river walk a.k.a. the Ala Wai Canal.

Much mahalos to our leaders and event organizers. Ka Hana a Keu….

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