Missions Trip Day 7: What Bugs Me

I was excited to eat crickets and beetles this morning. Now I feel like I’m in Thailand. Actually, the bugs were not bad at all. Of course they are not as good as shrimp or chicken. But if this is all you have, you make do.


Cappuccino and crickets. What a lovely pairing. Haha. Our team were good guests, and it was a lot of fun. Rahchon sat by me with the bowl, so I was able to put down about three crickets and 7 beetles. Noms.


We drove down the valley, then back up to the next Hill Tribe.


We set up shop in Nula School. My job was to again assist with the meds.


What an amazing experience. Surreal….

After the long journey back to church, then to our hotel, we were finally able to shower. Unfortunately, we had to stay at the T. Corner Inn. Crazy thing. I brought 6 rolls of toilet paper on my trip. I used none in the hills, but two rolls in hotels. How’s that?

For dinner, we joined Pastor Neil & Diana at the SP Kitchen. I had the seafood with gravy over crispy noodle.


We went shopping at Tesco and had ice cream there. Here I am with a pile of durian.

We had devotions tonight. Very sleepy after a sleepless night in the hills.

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