Missions Trip Day 6: Head for the Hills

The team decided to continue the mission to serve the Hill Tribes. We met at the Foursquare Church early Monday morning. The drive was about 3 hours, most of it off-road.


We passed a few villages along the way.


Here is the new church where we did the clinic (and slept over.)


Not quite the Ritz-Carlton. This hong nam is quaint to say the least. The shower? What shower? We used baby wipes.


Our clinic serviced the entire village. Everyone walked over.


My job was to assist with the pharmacy.


Pastor John took us up to the top of the mountains for cell phone reception where we received the good news about Sam’s condition.


Pastor Sara and the students prepared all of the meals in the hills.

The sweet pork on sticky rice was wonderful.

I led devotions today. The word I received (prior to the trip) was “authority” from Matthew 28:18 (the verse before the famous Matthew 28:19.) “All authority has been given to Me in Heaven and on earth.” We are not in enemy territory. If Jesus has all authority, then the enemy has none.

An injured villager came by with a gash on his head from a fallen post. Lisa and Steve were able to care for him. Without proper supplies, our prayers were answered in the form of a tube of DermaBond.

Pastor John’s students set up the lights and chairs for the evening’s evangelism service (variety show, testimonies, etc.) in no time flat. Love those fluorescent green chairs. At the end of the service, it began to rain hard. I crawled under a tarp along with some of the Hill Tribe kids. We shared a laugh together. It was quite a moment.


During break down, our friend Rahchon started collecting bugs. This one bites. We were looking for crickets (cicadas) and beetles. The crickets sound like a cross between a coqui frog and an airplane. They’re unbelievably loud. Kids catch them and play with them like toys.

Sleeping in a jungle is tough. With all of the bugs, monkeys, and commotion, it is nearly impossible. Imagine sleeping with your alarm clock going off all night. At least it was a little cooler in the mountains.

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