Missions Trip Day 9: Free Day

Today was our free day to play tourist. We were blessed to have Yo and Pastor Goi as our guides. We knew that we would be going to good places. We took a 2-hour drive to the Floating Market.


There were food boats, souvenir vendors, and lots of things to see. You could barter for better bargains.

The team had an absolute blast.


Another amazing memory will be the elephant rides. We rode in pairs and tried taking pics of one another. I was with Brother Jeremy.


Our elephant kept flapping its ears. I think it thinks it’s a bird of some kind….


Then we went to the Maeklong Railroad Market. This is what I had hoped to see. There were amazing foods and smells. Then the train came right through the market at noon.


There were fruits and animals that I had never seen before.

We had lunch at a restaurant called Samut Songkhram near the river.


That evening, we went to a super mall to eat and shop.


Getting back home was an adventure. We took the Sky Train, then a connecting train to bypass traffic. We then took two taxis back to the hotel. Unprecedented….

We packed supplies for Friday’s clinic. I packed for my trip home.

Click here for more photos of the missions trip.

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