Missions Trip Day 10: Thrilla in Manila

It was sad to be leaving the team. They prayed over me and gave me a touching send off.

Arrived at the Bangkok Airport. It was an extremely slow process. A note to myself: always get there early to avoid the stress. It was a 3-hour flight, but it took two hours to check in.

Here is what happened once I arrived in Manila that night. After Immigration & Customs, I got my bag. I went to find the Money Exchange. There I was greeted by a “dude” with an ID (not sure what kind.) He pointed me to the Money Exchange counter. So far so good. Then he points to their office in the terminal. Looks legit since they must be paying rent. He tells me that he can get me a flat taxi rate since the traffic is so bad. The price seems high (like Hawai’i prices and not Thailand prices,) but I agree. An unmarked speeding car zooms in to pick me up, and we go. This dude asks me if I want to stop to eat. I say no thanks. Then he insists on taking me around for a “night on the town” (paraphrasing here.) Because he is persistent, I finally say that I’m a Christian pastor (I know, I lied.) Then he says that he’s a Christian too (anything for a tip.) Then we got lost. He asked three police officers, one armed soldier, one taxi driver, and two pedestrians for directions. Finally, we found the hotel. He dropped me off and said, “God bless you.”


Here is a pic of my hotel (taken the next morning.) Glad I made it unscathed. Thank you Lord.

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