Back to School

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Today was the 1st day back to school, and my 1st day at the high school. It was special. It was also a big day for the incoming freshmen and new invitees.

I spent most of the day helping teachers with their setups. I also helped a bunch of lost students find their classrooms.

Here is my workspace in Bishop Hall. Not quite as luxurious as my former office in Kekela, but awesome teammates as well!

We affectionately call this place “the frat house” (four dudes sharing a decrepit corner of campus.)

It seems like I’ll be eating a lot of these during this school year. I’ll either lose weight or get fatter, depending on how my body reacts….

The day ended with an assembly in the auditorium. Spoiler alert: I think this will be the first class to choose “white” (newly added) as its class color.

Looking forward to this new adventure. Imua….

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