Saturday Morning Woks

This post is a continuation of a previous post, Saturday Morning Walks. I’ve been consistent in eating (oops, I mean exercising) each Saturday morning. I’ve explored Kaka’ako, Ala Moana, & Waikiki, and have settled on Chinatown as a favorite route. I believe that Chinatown has the best food. After sampling all of the phở shops in Chinatown, I’ve moved onto trying different dishes. Recently, I’ve been focusing on Maunakea Street. Strangely, I’ve always felt a connection to Maunakea Street. Then I recalled that this is where my father grew up….

Here is dim sum from Happy Garden. I think there are three “levels” of dim sum. You have the high-end (i.e., Legend Seafood,) middle (Mei Sum,) and then the economy level. Happy Garden is a nice hole-in-the-wall.

This is melt-in-your-mouth awesomeness! (And really cheap too.) This is the beef tendon & beef flank w/ look fun noodle soup from Lam’s Kitchen. They specialize in rice soups and look fun noodles.

This is stewed lamb with tossed noodle from Family Kitchen a.k.a. Family Noodle House. It’s tucked away inside of a market.

The Maunakea Marketplace has a huge market and a food court with all kinds. This is the pad thai from Malee Thai/Vietnam Cuisine. You can also find Indian, Filipino, Japanese, Singaporean food, and bubble drinks here.

Chinatown is a great place to try a new cuisine, buy produce, and take pictures. Some people avoid Chinatown because of the rat scare. My feeling is that if the food weren’t so amazing here, the rats would’ve left a long time ago. Haha….

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