Okinawan Festival

Attended the 31st Annual Okinawan Festival this morning at Kapiolani Park. Had a great time! This year’s theme is entitled “Sharing Uchinanchu Aloha.” It was about a one-hour walk from my condo. It was drizzly and hot at the same time.

There was entertainment at the Bandstand. There were dignitaries, dancers, and taiko drummers. The place was packed!

Here are some of the young performers rehearsing backstage.

Of course, I went for the food. There were food booths, craft tents, and games for the keiki. I had the ashitibichi or pig’s feet soup. It was so incredibly ono! It made my mouth pucker up because of the collagen.

The weather cleared up, and it was a beautiful day. I also met up with friends and former students there.

Nothing like shave ice on a hot Hawaiian day. Not quite “Matsumoto’s,” but it definitely hit the spot.

One of the most popular attractions at the festival has to be the andagi.

It was hot, fresh, crunchy, and awesome. Had to “refuel” for the long walk back home.

Had a fantastic morning. So great to reconnect with my Okinawan heritage….

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