A Decade of Service

Seems like only yesterday when I celebrated my 5th year of service at the Kamehameha Schools. I am blessed. I have grown so much and have been a part of something truly special. As I look back at the past 10 years, my fondest memories are of the life experiences and relationships.

I have been a part of a truly amazing team. I remember when it was just the four of us. We have grown quickly, but have maintained that special closeness.

I remember the 6th grade Huaka’i to the Big Island. We would spend a week at KMC in the freezing cold. It was an amazing adventure.

I also enjoyed the camps at Camp Erdman. I chaperoned the 4th graders from KES, and then the 7th graders from KMS. Good times….

KS also gave me the opportunity to travel. I’ve been fortunate to have attended conferences in Philadelphia, New Orleans, Las Vegas, and San Diego. The highlight for me was participating in the JEM exchange program in Australia.

Finally, I just love being a part of the KS ‘Ohana. This is a school steeped in tradition. I will always remember playing worship at Chapel, going to football & volleyball games, attending the Founder’s Day Ceremony, Song Contest, & Ho’olaule’a, helping at the Biathlon, interviewing student applicants, and serving on the Kamehameha Day Parade committee. I will miss my dear friends Gail, Steve, and Fran.

And I will never get tired of the view as I drive up the hill past the guard shack. Looking forward to the next 10 years. Imua….

2 thoughts on “A Decade of Service

  1. What an amazing experience you’ve had Alan! We are so blessed to work in an organization that offers so many opportunities for personal and professional growth. You inspire me to journal about my 5 years 🙂

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