Day 4: iSummit

The International Summit began at noon on Friday. I tried to sleep in, but I still couldn’t adjust to the time difference. My legs were starting to sore from the Great Wall.

This is where I usually have my morning coffee in the hotel lounge. Because the air is arid, I kept getting static shocks on doorknobs and elevator buttons.

We had time before the bus pickup to stroll the neighborhood. We checked out some of the local markets and bakeries.

We decided to have an early lunch across the street at a strip of restaurants. We chose the one with pictures. Because the photos are not the most accurate (and neither is my eyesight,) we ended up with pigs feet. We had a fun adventure at this restaurant!

Our bus was late, so we were quickly ushered into the “Studio” (auditorium) for the opening of iSummit. It was great seeing our RDFZ friends, Jessie, Raj, & C.Y.!

After a student video and a greeting from Principal Shu, Dirk DeLo presented his opening keynote. We found that the student involvement in this event was not just peripheral, but in fact the primary focus.

This is Azure. She was my awesome student host & translator. She is amazing! Azure is in her freshman year and is relatively new to this school. She hopes to attend Dartmouth in the US to study economics. We hit it off from the very beginning and became buds. She gave me a tour of the school and showed me where my workshop sessions would be held.

Here is a link to my school blog for more information about the iSummit.

Our incredible hosts took all of the foreign educators to Xiaoxiang Fu Restaurant for a 23-course dinner! Here is the amazing core planning team. The hospitality we received over the week was indescribable.

Here is one of the 23 dishes. So cool!

But in my excitement, I dropped my fish into my cup of water. Haha. Great start to the iSummit. Making new friends from around the world and getting inspired.

Unfortunately, I awoke exhausted at 1:30am with a sore throat and no voice. Fortunately after prayer and an Airborne chewable vitamin, I felt a lot better at 5:30am. Big day tomorrow.

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