Day 5: Show Time

Today was the big day for me. I presented to my cohort on connected learning. I had 14 participants for the first session. Many were Chinese-speaking, so Azure translated for me (except for the part with my Ignite Talk.) For my 2nd session, 4 attendees returned along with 5 new people. There were educators from Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore, and Finland. It was great that my friend Sunny from RDFZ stayed with me at all of my sessions! At first the attendees were uncomfortable with having a roundtable format. Soon, things began to loosen up. I think it went well. Oh yah, our bus driver got lost this morning so we were late again.

After the two sessions, we ate lunch in the cafe, then checked out the Charity Fair (raising money for a rural sister school) in the basement gymnasium. The students here are amazing. (They also drink coffee at a very early age.)

I bought benefit tickets for Azure and her friends to see a Wushu demonstration up on the school’s rooftop. The performers were from a nearby international school.

Then we had a formal picture taking session with Principal Shu, and the RDFZ students shared a cultural performance entitled the Chinese Heart. Click on the thumbnails.

Our hosts took us to our 2nd consecutive 23-course dinner. Unbelievable hospitality!

One of my favorite dishes was the scallops with vermicelli.

Yes, China has the best Chinese food!

Every night I wrote down my notes for my blog in this Moleskine so I wouldn’t forget. (Some things cannot be photographed.) Tonight I wrote, “Time is moving too fast. This is going to be over too soon.”

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