Paris Day 6: Au Revoir

Had a glass of rosé on my last night in Paris. Wanted to take it all in.

Here are my reflections:
• The French people were nice. Much nicer than the peeps at LAX.
• Traveling with only one carry-on was great. While the other passengers were going to baggage claim to see if their luggage got lost or stolen, I was headed out the door.
• Pea coats. They rock.
• I used to be a dreamer. Now I’m a liver. No, not the organ. You know what I mean….
• Thank you Lord for blessing me.


The taxi arrived at the hotel on time at 6:30am. Had coffee and a croissant at the airport. Sat between two friendly travelers on the flight back. One was from Paris who was visiting his brother in L.A. The other was from Switzerland who was meeting up with friends in Hawai’i. On my flight back to Honolulu, I sat next to a guidance counselor from UH-Manoa. She was very nice to talk to. I took a cab home and got dropped off at Asahi Grill. I was in much need of rice.

More photos here.

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