Paris Day 5: Cathédrale Notre-Dame

I was blessed with perfect weather in Paris. Each day was sunny and around 53°. Tuesday was the only cold and rainy day. The temperature remained at about 41° the entire day. Luckily I packed my umbrella.

This time I traveled east along the river. It took around half an hour to reach Notre-Dame.

It was spectacular! Click to enlarge.


The inside was magnifique. There was a service taking place at around 8am.

The stained glass and giant columns were breathtaking.

Walked around the cathedral and took pictures from all sides.

This park is just behind the church.

Had brunch in a café across the street. It was cold and rainy, so I stayed here for a while. Not a bad place to get “stuck.”

Yes, had another baguette. This one was with ham & butter. Noms.

Walked back along the river, but this time on the street side. There are gardens and book stores in the Latin Quarter.

Came across this cool fountain.

Went back to the hotel to print up my boarding pass.

Bought my souvenirs from this stationary boutique across the street from my hotel. Seems like everything sold in Paris is from a “boutique.” There are no shopping malls or “big box” stores like Walmart or Macy’s. Every block has boutique shops, restaurants, and salons. I like it. It keeps the culture rich and vibrant.

For an afternoon snack, I went to Ladurée for macarons. Yes, my hotel is in a great location.

I had the coffee and pistachio. Click to enlarge. The coffee one was amazing! So much flavor.

Got a take away baguette for dinner and went back to the hotel to pack. Wanted to go back to the river, but it was too cold. Went to Café de Flore for the last time. Could hear snoring all night long from the next room. All night long…


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