“Bishop Innovation Center”

Our high school EdTech team, a.k.a. the “Bishop Boys,” are housed in Bishop 200. It is the most secluded place on campus. In fact, I refer to our office as “the place where they hide all the ugly people.”

It is also sterile and uninspiring. It looks like a storage room, but with student portraits on the walls. We decided to fix up our office in preparation for the upcoming school year. We called this one-day makeover, “Reimagine | Redesign | Reinspire.” I found a few resource links and shared a YouTube video of “Casey Neistat’s Wildly Functional Studio” for inspiration. Here are a few of the elements that we wanted to incorporate into our workspace:

• declutter
• natural light (no, not the cheap beer.)
• a new floor plan / flow
• flexibility
• a collaboration space
• a PLAY area
• writable surfaces
• music




We painted the closet doors with chalkboard paint. We painted them green on the inside to do green screen filming. We also mounted a large dry erase board.

We created a collaboration space by rearranging existing furniture, and making it the focal point of the room.

We added adjustable gymnastic rings for exercise.

We hope that our redesigned workspace will inspire creativity. Grand opening of the  Bishop Innovation Center coming soon! Chee-hoo!

Feeling much more inspired now.
Our next phase will be to remodel the kitchen area. Crock-pot Wednesdays will never be the same….

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