New Camera….

Just picked up a new camera. It’s called the iPhone 6. Hehe….

I’ve had the iPhone 4S for a while now. I wanted to upgrade before my trip to Osaka in April. I also wanted to get it in time for next weekend’s Chinese New Year’s Parade in Chinatown and the POW! WOW! Hawai’i Finale at the Honolulu Night Market in Kaka’ako. (I also treat myself every Valentine’s Day.)

Unfortunately, my first pic was this….

I experienced my first “real” fire at 909 Kapiolani today. Fortunately, the blaze was contained to a single unit.

And fortunately, this was my second post….

Friends from Surfing The Nations joined our Revive homeless outreach ministry at the Smith-Beretania Urban Park.

Looking forward to taking lots of cool pics on the new phone.

I taught the Media Class this past Friday at our Kamehameha-Hawai’i campus. I took out my phone to check out a text message. One of the students said, “Wow Mr. T. You still got the iPhone 4?”

I would like to say that that had absolutely nothing to do with this decision.

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