Walk With Compassion

Took part in this morning’s Walk With Compassion charity walk to end child poverty. The event was held @ Ala Moana Beach Park.

It was a beautiful morning! There were 6 educational stations along the route around the park. There were also food booths, children’s activities, entertainment, and fellowship. It was an awesome day.

I believe that sponsoring a child through Compassion International is the most important thing that I do. Compassion is one organization that I will always wholeheartedly support.

I first learned about the Walk With Compassion event while serving at the MercyMe concert in November. Met a lotta good people there, including the event organizer. Monies raised from the walk will provide funding for disaster relief, medical emergencies, care for unsponsored children, clean water, and much, much more.

We formed TEAMInspire at the Arise Conference last month. My fundraising goal was to rescue one family from abject poverty. Thanks to the generosity of my friends, we were able to rescue two.

If you are still interested in making a tax deductible donation, please click on my link, walkwithcompassion.com/participant/alantamayose by June 2nd. Mahalo & God bless.

Missions Trip Day 11: Dream Come True


Background: I’ve been sponsoring a child through Compassion International for 9 years now. I believe that it’s the most important thing that I do. It’s been a dream to someday meet up.

When I joined the medical missions team to Thailand, I knew that I would have a one-day layover alone. This was the one day that I dreaded. But God had different plans.

I decided to look into where my sponsored child lived. I had no idea where Makati was. To my surprise, I found that it was not far from the airport in Manila. I booked my hotel in Makati. A coworker advised that the Greenbelt area was a good place to be. I made a request to Compassion International. Unfortunately, visitations are not granted on weekends. I was ok with that. Apparently, some of my friends (sister, minichurch, etc.) continued praying. A few days later, Compassion emailed me and accepted my request.

I believe that I received God’s favor because I have been faithful in my letter writing.

Dream come true. Here we are meeting in the hotel lobby. She is with her mother and Beth from the Compassion Project. At first I was nervous. I hoped that they wanted to meet me too. I later found out that they had to travel 2 hours to get here (they had moved.) I was overwhelmed.


I am so proud of my Compassion child. She is kind, polite, confident, and bright. She is a very special person.

We took a cab to the Greenbelt Mall and walked around. We found a fish food vending machine. Then she shared her photo album with me. Later, we had mocha frappes. We were planning to look for a Timezone (arcade) to play games.


I asked Beth if there were something that I could get for the family. She said yes. Now here’s God’s timing in this… Monday is the start of school in the Philippines. Beth asked if I could bless her with school supplies. I was absolutely happy to help! God filled my heart with joy.

We went to National Bookstore for school supplies for her and her sister. She also got a bag and a few books. I asked her if she needed an umbrella. She smiled and said, “Yes, the rainy season begins next month.” It was a blessing to be visiting at the right time.


I remembered in one of her letters that her favorite food was crispy pata. Soon, we came across a huge restaurant sign advertising it. Yes, we had it for lunch, and it was especially good.


She said that she hadn’t felt blessed like this since her father left. I told her that she’s the daughter I never had. It was difficult to say goodbye. Thank you God that it was so difficult.

“My Best Christmas….”

….was what my sponsored child wrote in her letter. “Because of you, this was my best Christmas ever. I got a new school bag, art supplies, and a new sweater. Thank you Mr. Alan.”

I had “chicken skin” as I re-read the letter over and over. This was the first time that anyone had ever said that they had the best “anything” because of me. What a blessing….

But as I thought about it, it suddenly occurred to me. And my joy quickly turned into sorrow. A school bag and a jacket are basic things that every girl should have. We simply take it for granted. If a daughter needed a sweater, her parents would go to the store to pick one up. But for this girl in the Philippines, it can only happen on her “best Christmas.”

I received that letter a few years ago, and it has been my prayer that each year would bring her her “best Christmas” ever. Unfortunately, her village was recently hit hard by two typhoons. I pray that she and her family are all right. I pray that she is safe. And I pray that she is happy.

Then this would be my “best Christmas….”

Got Mail….

….from my sponsored child today. It was buried beneath a stack of bills. Her letters are a true blessing! My sponsored child lives in the Philippines. She attends Daily Vacation Bible School at the Compassion project during the summer. She always sends me a scripture and tells me that she has been praying for me. How’s that?! I absolutely adore her.

Please sponsor a needy child through Compassion. You won’t regret it….