Saturday Morning Woks

This post is a continuation of a previous post, Saturday Morning Walks. I’ve been consistent in eating (oops, I mean exercising) each Saturday morning. I’ve explored Kaka’ako, Ala Moana, & Waikiki, and have settled on Chinatown as a favorite route. I believe that Chinatown has the best food. After sampling all of the phở shops in Chinatown, I’ve moved onto trying different dishes. Recently, I’ve been focusing on Maunakea Street. Strangely, I’ve always felt a connection to Maunakea Street. Then I recalled that this is where my father grew up….

Here is dim sum from Happy Garden. I think there are three “levels” of dim sum. You have the high-end (i.e., Legend Seafood,) middle (Mei Sum,) and then the economy level. Happy Garden is a nice hole-in-the-wall.

This is melt-in-your-mouth awesomeness! (And really cheap too.) This is the beef tendon & beef flank w/ look fun noodle soup from Lam’s Kitchen. They specialize in rice soups and look fun noodles.

This is stewed lamb with tossed noodle from Family Kitchen a.k.a. Family Noodle House. It’s tucked away inside of a market.

The Maunakea Marketplace has a huge market and a food court with all kinds. This is the pad thai from Malee Thai/Vietnam Cuisine. You can also find Indian, Filipino, Japanese, Singaporean food, and bubble drinks here.

Chinatown is a great place to try a new cuisine, buy produce, and take pictures. Some people avoid Chinatown because of the rat scare. My feeling is that if the food weren’t so amazing here, the rats would’ve left a long time ago. Haha….

Saturday Morning Walks


What started out as exploring my neighborhood of Kaka’ako has turned into a Saturday morning ritual. This post is part 2 of my earlier entry on urban hiking. I could very well be turning into a “senior citizen,” because I really enjoy my walks through Chinatown.

I start down Kapiolani until it forks into King Street. I walk past Five-O Headquarters (haha, the State Courthouse.)

I turn up at Fort Street Mall, and then left on Hotel Street.

The Sun Yat-sen Memorial Park next to the Hawai’i Theatre marks the entrance into Chinatown.

I love Chinatown. Chinatown is Honolulu’s version of a marketplace. There is so much to see here. You will find the freshest meats, vegetables, and seafood. I usually come home with a slab of char siu or a bag of lychee or mountain apples.

Today I had pho from Phở Huong Lan in the Chinese Cultural Plaza.

For my route back home, I usually walk through the historical section of Honolulu. One of my favorite buildings is the Kumu Kahua Theatre on Merchant Street. I believe it used to be a post office back in the day.

You will find courtyards with cafés and really nice views along the way.

My favorite building of all is the old Royal Brewery on Queen Street. (Click on the photo to enlarge.)

Today, I continued home through Kaka’ako.

You never know who you might run into there.

Another great Saturday morning….

Urban Hiking

Every Saturday morning, I take a walk around town. I guess you could call it “urban hiking.” I got the idea from traveling. Oftentimes, tourists enjoy the city more than the locals do. I wanted to take that approach, to be a “tourist in my own city.”

This morning, I checked out Chinatown. I walked down Kapiolani, and continued onto King St. at the merge. Once I reached Bethel, I hung a right and headed up towards Hotel St.

This is the historical Hawai’i Theatre. Next to it is the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Park. The park also leads to the back of the Indigo Restaurant.

I walked up Hotel to Smith and expected to find my favorite Chinese restaurant, Mini Garden. Unfortunately, it closed down. There’s a new pub there called Lucky Belly.

So I walked around Maunakea and had lunch at Pho My Lan. This was the best pho that I’ve ever had! I believe that beef tendon is the only way to go. I’ll need to come back to Chinatown to sample the other pho shops.

I checked out O’ahu Market. This is a really cool place. There was a buzz of activity. I saw hanging char siu, roast duck, live crabs, beef tongue, pig heads, and unrecognizable organ meats.

Between O’ahu Market and Maunakea Marketplace is an alley that serves as an open market. You could find mangoes and lychee.

Inside the Maunakea Marketplace, there was seafood galore. You could find everything from reef fish to poke to…. more pig heads. They even had dragon fruit and mountain apples.

Love my Saturday mornings. Some people go jogging, I go “blogging.” Urban hiking combines exercise, photography, and eating. Good times….