Nonstop Kaka’ako….

Attended the first Nonstop Kaka’ako event, “an urban food, retail, and entertainment experience.” It’s a pop-up block party. It was fun, and the weather was perfect. It’s a really neat concept, and I hope they do more events like this. I guess the goal is to promote Kaka’ako as the “hub” of Honolulu.

The variety of food was impressive. It was like an Eat the Street event on steroids. I had my first Chicago Dog at Hank’s Haute Dogs. There were shopping tents filled with fashion items from some of the hottest boutiques in town. There was even a cigar bar, a beer garden, and the UH football game on a large inflatable screen. They even had free wi-fi set up for this event.

The highlight for me was running into former students at the Anuhea concert at the main stage. It was a fun night….

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