Missions Trip Day 3: Road Trip

After devotions, we had breakfast at the hotel (included.) I really like Thai rice soup w/ pork bones & spicy toppings. I especially like the fish sauce that has garlic, chili, cilantro, and lime. I’m also learning to eat with a spoon in my right hand and a fork in my left.


Here is our bus for the 7-hour drive to Mae Sot. And here is our team (L to R:) me, Lisa “LT,” Tracy, Janine, Steve, Jeannie, Sam, and Jeremy “Jerms.” Sawadee Kha!


This is what most of the drive looked like. We would occasionally come across rice fields and skinny cows.


This is what I had at each rest stop. Cha yen! This is iced Thai tea with condensed milk. Hits the spot on a 98˙ day. The first Thai phrases that I learned were cha yen and hong nam (toilet.)


Here is our driver “Joe.” He drives much like Indiana Jones. He overtook buses and played “chicken” with oncoming traffic.


We arrived at the Poonnagunn Hotel in one piece. We were greeted in the parking lot with great service.


Dinner was at the T. Corner with Pastor John Somphon, President of Foursquare Thailand and his wife Pastor Sara, Pastor Dear, Pastor Neil, and his wife Diana. The food was incredibly flavorful. Although Thai food is spicy, it is always balanced with sweet, sour, spicy, & savory. Not all chilis have heat, but they all add flavor. This Yin and Yang style of cooking is so delicious!


Later, our team went for a Thai massage. It cost around $7 for a full hour. I knew that I was in trouble as soon as I got “grandma.” (I assumed she was like a kung fu master, and I was right.) She pulled, stretched, and yanked me in every direction. It resembled jiu jitsu armbars and omoplatas. Her hands were so strong, she could’ve taken my life at any moment. Thank God she showed me mercy….

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