Missions Trip Day 4: Never Be the Same

Saturday was our clinic day. After breakfast and devotions, we headed over to Foursquare Church Maesot. No, we traveled by van.


Here is the outside of the church. Our clinic serviced the children and families of the surrounding neighborhood.


We set up stations to treat wounds, take vitals, and pass out medicine.


My job was to make party balloon animals. As you can see, I had no idea what I was doing.


Fortunately, the kids didn’t seem to mind.


After lunch, I had my first taste of the dreaded durian fruit. I couldn’t smell it that much. It tasted fine. It sort of tasted like mango. What was disgusting was the texture. It oozed between my fingers like organ meat and left a residue like pond scum. Still, I’d take durian over vegemite any day.


We then toured the church grounds. Here is their school, the Elpis Center. I was stunned to see the fencing and the concrete floors.


Then we visited the safe house. This was when something inside of me broke. And I’ll never be the same again.


There are not enough beds for the children. They each have only two sets of clothes. They have been rescued from something far worse than poverty, but have not yet been rescued from poverty.

When we prayed over the girls, the word that God gave me was “princesses.” Though the world has discarded them, they are God’s precious daughters. They are princesses, and that’s the word I prayed.

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