Missions Trip Day 5: Pressed on Every Side

….but not crushed. 2 Corinthians 4:8

We were awaken at 5:30am to learn that our team leader Sam and team member Tracy were sick. They were taken to the hospital by our driver Joe. Our team immediately prayed. Steve and Tracy returned at around 7am. Later, Jeannie accompanied Sam back to Bangkok via airplane. Our team continued on to Foursquare Church Maesot for Sunday service.

Photo courtesy of Pastor Mike Arter.
Photo courtesy of Pastor Mike Arter

I was blessed to give my testimony, along with Tracy and Janine. Pastor Dear served as our interpreter. I learned that jokes don’t always translate smoothly….

After service, the church fed everyone. The home cooked meal was great. We also listened to Pastor John’s amazing testimony. That was a definite highlight.


After lunch, we visited the Home of Hope Orphanage.


Again, it was very emotional to see. Our team donated money to fund an additional bunk bed.


Janine led an arts & crafts activity, and we passed out donated clothing. They sang a beautiful song for us. This pic says it all.


Later in the afternoon, Diana took us to a marketplace along the Myanmar border.


There was a variety of cultures, goods, and smells.


We had dinner at CasaMia. I had Burmese curry with potatoes, seafood pad thai, and a plate of rice. All this food cost about $3.25.

Team continued to pray for Sam as Lisa kept us up to date.

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