A new tradition has begun, Crock-Pot Wednesdays! Each week, someone comes up with the recipe & grocery list. We crank up the crock-pot early Wednesday morning in our office (a.k.a the “Frat House”) before heading off to our appointments.

We’re greeted at noon by the most incredible aroma! It’s like magic. So far, every dish has been “winnahs.”

But this blog post is about more than just that. I’m blessed to work with such an amazing team (brothers.)

Tim is our captain, an outdoorsman, surfer, triathlete, the “pride of Damien Memorial,” and an all-around awesome person.

Lance is the math wiz, devoted family man, fisherman, 80s R&B fan, and the nicest guy in Honolulu.

Kimble is the consummate writer, musician, skateboarder, the “life of the party,” and is way cooler than you & I could ever hope to be….

Of course these descriptions fall short. Extremely blessed to be working with these knuckleheads.

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