A new tradition has begun, Crock-Pot Wednesdays! Each week, someone comes up with the recipe & grocery list. We crank up the crock-pot early Wednesday morning in our office (a.k.a the “Frat House”) before heading off to our appointments.

We’re greeted at noon by the most incredible aroma! It’s like magic. So far, every dish has been “winnahs.”

But this blog post is about more than just that. I’m blessed to work with such an amazing team (brothers.)

Tim is our captain, an outdoorsman, surfer, triathlete, the “pride of Damien Memorial,” and an all-around awesome person.

Lance is the math wiz, devoted family man, fisherman, 80s R&B fan, and the nicest guy in Honolulu.

Kimble is the consummate writer, musician, skateboarder, the “life of the party,” and is way cooler than you & I could ever hope to be….

Of course these descriptions fall short. Extremely blessed to be working with these knuckleheads.


Our KS EdTech Team is going through a Bingo activity to have fun and to socialize even more. And our team has totally gotten into it! It has been a huge morale boost (and we didn’t even need one to begin with.)

We attended a Kamehameha boys volleyball game after work. We were victorious over ‘Iolani and stormed the court….

We attended a wellness workshop at KP with Ka’ala Souza. It was awesome. I believe we are on our way to more abundant living.

We also sampled new cuisine together at the Green Door Café in Chinatown. The Malaysian food was absolutely great.

We are having such a blast, we’ll probably finish the entire sheet for a “blackout.” BINGO!

EdTech Retreat Waikiki 2012

What a treat! Had another great experience with the KS EdTech Team at our annual retreat. It was all about team bonding and team building.

I decided to walk on over to the Hyatt Place Hotel in Waikiki. Not a bad view for a morning commute (click on the pic for full size.) Met a coworker for breakfast at Eggs ‘n Things Express.

We were given these cool new team shirts at the hotel and walked on over to the Honolulu Zoo for our community service project. (No, we did not have to clean the animal cages.) One group pulled weeds, one painted, and my group made paper mache balloons to “enrich the animals’ experiences.” My specific job was to tear up newspaper into strips. Yes, we were strippers….

We had free time in the afternoon and went to the International Marketplace. These goofballs decided to buy matching $3 t-shirts to impress the ladies at dinner. Aren’t we cool? (OK, we do look like Power Rangers.) But in fact, people were so impressed that about a dozen went back to buy these t-shirts.

We capped off the evening at Tiki’s down the street.

Our 2nd day consisted of a session with Ka’ala Souza on team excellence and customer service. It was outstanding. His message on empathy is especially relevant in this day and age.

Had a nice walk home. This is Waikiki’s world-class river walk a.k.a. the Ala Wai Canal.

Much mahalos to our leaders and event organizers. Ka Hana a Keu….

What a (Re)treat!

Our KS EdTech Services group just returned from a retreat at the Punalu’u beach house. It was a great time of bonding and team building. Our managers did a great job of planning, and everyone contributed their talents. We truly enjoyed one another’s company.

Day 1 started with a service learning project at the Nā Kamalei Discovery Garden. We did a little weeding, cleaning, and painting. We learned a lot and were very grateful for the opportunity. Here are a few pics from their blog. We spent most of the afternoon working on a video about what we had learned.

Our dinner activity was an “Iron Chef” competition. We were grouped into small teams to create delicious, gourmet meals. After the judging, we were able to partake in all of the wonderful dishes.

Following dinner, it was “Sunset on the Beach.” We had chairs and a projector set up on the lawn. We enjoyed everyone’s video production. We capped off the night by playing guitar in the backyard. Others were fishing, playing poker, or just hanging out.

I consider that night to have been one of the worst night’s of sleep that I’ve ever had (or not had) in my life. “Thank God it was so short.” The flood lights were in my eyes, the metal rod from the broken army cot kept hitting my head, and it was freezing cold. To make matters worse, every time I dozed off, I was rudely awakened by a chorus of loud snoring….

Day 2 greeted us with a chilly morning and a gorgeous sunrise. Omelettes and hot coffee hit the spot. In fact, all of the meals were pretty fantastic. We had a craft activity and some really funny games. We had a guest speaker who gave a presentation entitled “Living on Purpose.” It really spoke to me.

After lunch, it was time to clean up and wrap up. I am so blessed to be at the Kamehameha Schools. What a treat….

Dream Team….

Photo courtesy of Lynne.

This is my ‘ohana at the Kamehameha Schools. We’re called Education Technology Services – Instructional (or ETS-i for short.) Our primary function is to train teachers & students in integrating technology into their teaching & learning. But that’s not what this post is about….

This is really about family. God has blessed me with the best team that anyone could possibly have. I am incredibly grateful. We just love hanging out together.

My only criticism is that some of our email exchanges are a little too “lovey-dovey” for me. Now how many people can claim that as the worst (and only) fault of their co-workers?

Thank you Lord….