EdTech reTreat

The Kamehameha Schools Education Technology Services group held its annual retreat this week at the Podium Raceway in Kapolei. It was an amazing two days. Day 1 started off with pule, and then a presentation on servant leadership by Alt Kagesa.

We had a pizza lunch and an impressive spread of refreshments.

Then it was race time. It was an absolute blast! They do a great job at here the raceway. It was a great day of learning and relationship building.

We convened on Day 2 at the Academy of the Pacific (AOP.) After pule, we played a game of Play-Doh charades. Then we were given a surprise challenge. We broke up into teams and were given $25 and 3 hours to perform community service. My awesome team consisted of Erin, Carmen, Kelly, Gary, and Steven. Carmen suggested that we deliver goodie bags to the Shriners Hospital for Children. Because $25 was not enough, we all agreed to chip in our $10 lunch allowance.

We went shopping at Price Busters in Kalihi and Target in Salt Lake. We assembled the goodie bags in the Target parking lot from the back of my truck. We included toys, stickers, bubbles, coloring books, and personally written greeting cards.

We delivered the bags to the reception area. We felt very blessed.

We had lunch at Auntie Pasto’s. Carmen shared about what the Shriners Hospital had done for her daughter. Today was a great day to give back.

We returned to AOP where everyone shared inspiring stories, photos, and experiences. I believe that today, the world became a better place, and we became better people. Ka hana a keu.


A new tradition has begun, Crock-Pot Wednesdays! Each week, someone comes up with the recipe & grocery list. We crank up the crock-pot early Wednesday morning in our office (a.k.a the “Frat House”) before heading off to our appointments.

We’re greeted at noon by the most incredible aroma! It’s like magic. So far, every dish has been “winnahs.”

But this blog post is about more than just that. I’m blessed to work with such an amazing team (brothers.)

Tim is our captain, an outdoorsman, surfer, triathlete, the “pride of Damien Memorial,” and an all-around awesome person.

Lance is the math wiz, devoted family man, fisherman, 80s R&B fan, and the nicest guy in Honolulu.

Kimble is the consummate writer, musician, skateboarder, the “life of the party,” and is way cooler than you & I could ever hope to be….

Of course these descriptions fall short. Extremely blessed to be working with these knuckleheads.

Hawai’i Campus Tech Slam

Flew over to the Big Island on Thursday to present at the KS Hawai’i Tech Slam 2013. It was an amazing event and a great success!

The day started off at Ken’s House of Pancakes. The food was ono, and the service was friendly. I went for the homemade corned beef hash. Winnahs….

After touring the campus, we attended the high school’s assembly on internet safety featuring comedian Josh Gunderson. He received a standing ovation.

After school, some of the team went to go exercise. Some of us went to “holoholo” around Hilo Town. Here we are entering the Sig Zane store. We also went to Big Island Candies.

After checking into the Hilo Hawaiian Hotel, we strolled around Liliʻuokalani Gardens.

Not a bad way to spend an afternoon. (Click on photo to enlarge.)

For dinner, we went to Lucy’s and had a blast. The burritos were the size of footballs. @joshgunderson joined us for dinner and pointed out that one of our teammates resembled the actor Wil Wheaton. That set off a night of hilarity.

On the way back to the hotel, we stopped along the road to listen to the coquí frogs.

Friday was the Tech Slam. The keynote speaker was Angela Maiers. The KS Hawai’i EdTech team did an awesome job! Every detail from the name tags, to the presentations, to the makana, were well thought out and well done.

So blessed to be a part of this amazing team. And so blessed to call them my friends. Mahalo.